Oktay Trafo

     Oktay Trafo, established its operations in October 1990, in Afyonkarahisar City, with the guiding principle to constantly keep up-to-date in terms of knowledge, technical methods, vehicles and equipment. Our company also upholds the price – quality balance always for the benefit of our customers. Initially our company functioned exclusively within the industrial electric, automation and oil-winding sector, but from April 2000 onward got more involved in mid-voltage transformers and switch gears.


Production, winding and maintenance of Low-Voltage and Mid-Voltage Transformers

Drying and Filtration of Transformer Oils

Testing Service for Transformer Oils

Coil Drying Furnace

Vacuum Oil Degasification and Renewal

Testing and Reporting Processes of Mid-Voltage Transformers for compliances for TSE and MYD Contracts

Multi-stage Voltage Commutator

Mid-Voltage, Low-Voltage Bushing, Plunger and Plunger Bearing Replacement

Boiler Reparation and Painting


ASAT Antalya Su-Atık Antalya 1600
Bülbül Akü Antalya 1250
Kaya Resort Antalya 3x1250
Bellis Otel Antalya 30800
PES Kiriş Otel Antalya 1250
ALKİM Kimya Dazkırı Afyonkarahisar 1000
ALKİM Kimya Cihanbeyli Konya 1000-1600
Afyonkarahisar Manicipality Afyonkarahisar 800-160
Afyonkarahisar Org. Ind. Zone Afyonkarahisar 400-1600
Alkaloid Factory Afyonkarahisar 160
Dir. Concrete Sleeper Factory Afyonkarahisar 800
Burdur Org. Ind. Zone Burdur 2x500
Dere Sinek Municipality Afyonkarahisar 100
Dumlupınar University Kütahya 160-250
Isparta Manicipality Isparta 1000-1600
Erkmen Agr. Dev. Coop. Afyonkarahisar 250



ISO 9001-2008

ISO 14001